Currency as Art 2.0 - Defacing Bills

Money burning or burning money is the purposeful act of destroying money. In the prototypical example, banknotes are destroyed by setting them on fire. Burning money decreases the wealth of the owner without directly enriching any particular party. It also reduces the money supply and (very slightly) slows down the inflation rate. Money is usually burned to communicate a message, either for artistic effect, as a form of protest, or as a signal. In some games, a player can sometimes benefit from the ability to burn money (battle of the sexes). The burning of money is illegal in some jurisdictions.

An AI Enhanced Bot for Bitcoin Margin Trading

PlayOnBit is the first-ever trading terminal with an AI Enhanced Bitcoin Trading Bot. Their goal is to provide the very best AI Enhanced customizable margin trading bot, and they also do so with very competitive prices. PlayOnBit lets you create straightforward tools for setting customizable trades, and it does not require any coding skills at all. Since PlayOnBit is not an exchange, you must choose your preferred exchange, and connect them using API keys. PlayOnBit also allows you to have the option of back-testing your different trading strategies through what is called Paper Trading.

Crypto Trade Assistant Bot

This Platform can also be a huge crypto trade assistant for seasoned and veteran traders too, because It features dynamic risk management and aims to catch the best trading opportunities and thus greatly reduces errors caused by human input. Whereas it is also possible to turn the automated trading feature off and have full manual control over your trading process, you can also take advantage of P/L Checker feature to maximize Profitability. PlayOnBit does not collect payments or personal information directly, instead of routing all payments through API keys. This extra layer allows PlayOnBit to secure your information.