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The ocean is abounding of mystery. It is additionally abounding of penises. And biologists accept taken note. Some abyssal animals attending abnormally phallic—to the point that no one’s alike aggravating to adumbrate the accuracy abaft a blind of innuendo. By that I beggarly there are absolutely sea creatures whose accurate names accept the chat “penis” in them.

So, while you may accept been afraid back a contempo animal, the peanut bastard or Sipuncula, made internet rounds, it didn’t abundant abash biologists. We asked a few advisers from Chicago’s Field Museum to put calm a account of the best dick-like animals in the ocean, and they were game.

“It shows bodies that there’s absolutely crazy biodiversity out there,” ichthyologist Caleb McMahan told Gizmodo. “You apprentice article about it back you apprehend [the adventure about] it.” So, pointing out the phallic attributes of abyssal activity can absolutely be educational.

You’re welcome.

Priapulida is a accomplished phylum, the additional bigger alignment of breed afterwards kingdom, of dick-like animals. Its moniker should accord it away—it’s alleged afterwards the Greek god Priapus, accepted for his giant, arrect wiener. That’s additionally area priapism, a accompaniment of connected erection, gets its name. So acutely whoever alleged this absolute accumulation of breed had penises on their mind.

These worms alive mostly in sediment, explained Jochen Gerber, Collections Manager in the Division of Invertebrates at the Field Museum. They charge a glassy anatomy actualization in adjustment to dig through the dirt—a beefy or annular actualization would be array of counterproductive for digging.

“The way they alive doesn’t absolutely crave aloft appendages like legs and being like that,” Gerber told Gizmodo. “This apparel them.”

It’s array of a accuracy universally accustomed that the behemothic geoduck mollusk looks like a penis—check out the accessories from Serious Eats and Eater on how to adapt the clam. Gerber didn’t accept to explain much. “It has the actualization of a penis,” he said. “Mind you, an uncircumcised one, clearly.”

But why? Geoducks could be the bigger burrowing clams in the world. Unlike behemothic clams that sit aloft the sand’s surface, geoducks dig beneath the dirt. They can again use their dickish carry to blot up baptize and clarify it out for its plankton.

They’re a delicacy, too, and can run 20 to 30 bucks a pound, writes Eater. Chef Ethan Stowell told the aliment magazine: “It’s absolutely altered to the Northwest, and I anticipate we should be appreciative of it…. It’s a raw clam, and it’s as candied as it gets for article that comes from the ocean.”

Also, watch this:

When I idly alleged over to Facebook for a little late-afternoon unproductivity, this is what…

It’s not aloof invertebrates that booty the anatomy of the macho genitalia. Thermarces cerberus is an eel-like angle that lives abysmal underwater abreast hydrothermal vents. It’s got a light, ample color, agnate to added bacilli that alive in the abysmal deep. “Like best of the added abysmal sea fishes, they’re aloof acclimatized to alive bottomward in those environments,” said McMahan. “They can handle the aerial temperatures of the things that appear out of the hydrothermal vents.”

I asked McMahan if there was annihilation abroad abnormally dick-like about the fish, abreast for the appearance. Not really, he said. “I asked addition what it looked like and that was the aboriginal affair that came to mind.”

Enteropneusta’s accepted name is the “acorn worm,” because, as its name implies, it has an acorn-like gland at the end. These worms additionally alive and couch in sediment, like added sea-worms.

But here’s the thing—in English, we alarm the tip of the penis the glans. In Gerber’s built-in German, it’s instead alleged the eichel, which translates absolutely to acorn.“It’s appealing bright this was meant,” said Gerber, “but what do I apperceive about the attitude of bodies who gave these names 150-200 years ago?”

This airiness absolutely has the name “penis fish.”

The penis angle is absolutely a worm, and like the added dick-shaped worms, lives its activity burrowing in the underwater sand. It is a accepted aliment account in Asian supermarkets, and Jezebel has already accounting added than abundant about the angle and its flavor.


Before acute comedy on the aloft video, do yourself a favor and booty a moment to anticipate about it.…

Ha, you ability think, this is a account of angle that attending like a penis, and actuality you’ve presented me Trypauchen vagina, angle whose name is absolutely vagina! In actuality the fish, bigger accepted as the burrowing goby, is as phallic attractive as it gets. Vagina, in this case, is apropos not to the genital, but to the Latin vagina for sheath.

The burrowing goby is addition elongated, pinkish angle that burrows and lives in albino abyssal environments. But were association allotment the angle acquainted that they’d aloof best about as asinine a name as it gets for a penis-like fish? “It was declared in apparently the aboriginal 1900s,” said McMahan. “Someone aboriginal on noticed article about this angle that acceptable that name.” What they best acceptable noticed was its ample blush color.

“It’s agnate to the [Thermarces cerberus],” said McMahan. “It’s absolutely the actualization that’s penis-like.”

While not necessarily the best penis-like in appearance, Verpa penis’ name absolutely translates to “penis penis.” And there’s a continued adventure abaft its atonement title.

Carolus Linnaeus, the aforementioned guy who came up with the binomial classification we use for breed names, originally alleged the breed Serpula penis thanks to its continued tube—serpula agency little snake, and penis agency penis. Commonly referred to as the watering pot clam, it has a carapace at the abject from which the continued tube grows.

However, after on a French biologist anticipation conceivably the beastly belonged in a altered genus, and that it should be the Penicillus penis—but the Penicillus name was already in use by some added mollusks. Finally, German malacologist Peter Friedrich Röding came forth to set anybody straight, explained Gerber. Röding created a accomplished new brand abnormally for the penis: Verpa, the latin argot appellation for penis.

Biology can absolutely be absolutely incredible.

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